Video from London HMV Jazz Cafe show (4th Feb 2012)

Video from Lucy Rose’s set at London’s HMV Jazz Cafe in Camden

Middle Of The Bed (5m17) uploaded by DPMN11

Gamble (5m17) uploaded by slairik83 (4m19 / 1080p) uploaded by DPMN11


Scar (4m03) uploaded by DPMN11


Lines (3m23) uploaded by slairik83

(aka “Rockin Newbie Song”)

Don’t You Worry

Don’t You Worry (4m02) uploaded by slairik83

Red Face

Red Face (2m47) uploaded by slairik83

First (4m50) uploaded by wearethepromisedones

another angle: (3m41 | 360p) upload by Rosie Skead


There’s also some Lucy Rose in Ben Tynegate‘s video of his day out in London:

skip to 0:59 for the 30 seconds from the Jazz Cafe


13th Feb 2012 at 00:58am
Found a couple more YouTube videos from the Jazz Cafe show and I’ve changed the order around so it matches the setlist

15th Feb 2012 at 11:40am
added First (encore song) video

16th Oct 2012 at 19:42pm
added another video angle of ‘First’ shot by Rosie Skead