Video: Los Angeles El Rey Theatre (15th Feb 2012)

Lucy Rose solo:

Red Face (1m57) uploaded by CaptainCrust562

Middle Of The Bed (4m36) uploaded by mocko3


more Bombay Bicycle Club video:

Leave It (1m05) uploaded by Javie0813

Always Lke This (4m00) uploaded by mocko3
Always Like This (0m40) uploaded by Javie0813
Lights Out, Words Gone (audio) uploaded by rsmiddle

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep (3m27) uploaded by mocko3

Open House (1m00) uploaded by syramicdol

syramicdol also has uploaded:
Lights Out Words Gone
Always Like This
What You Want
Dust On The Ground
Bad Timing
Your Eyes

more songs (10m57) uploaded by HIROKIxYUKI

(2m54 Leave It)
(4m27 Lights Out, Words Gone)
(7m24 Always Like This)
(10m21 Shuffle)


Bombay Bicycle Club’s El Rey set was recorded for Carson Daly — you can watch two tracks (‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep’ and ‘Shuffle’) over at The Audio Perv