Video: Mexico El Plaza Condesa (11th Feb 2012)

Lucy Rose solo – Mexico setlist
– First
– Red Face
– Nightbus
– Scar
– Middle Of The Bed

Bombay Bicycle Club – Mexico setlist:
How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep video michlovepink
Your Eyes alejandrogrmx
Bad Timing
Dust On The Ground
Open House
Take The Right One
– *Leave It video
Cancel On Me rakon7rock
Lights Out, Words Gone
Rinse Me Down
– *Ivy And Gold video
Evening/Morning video
What You Want
Always Like This video
The Giantess
– *Shuffle michlovepink video
What If

Leave It

Leave it Bombay bicycle club plaza condesa / uploaded by garixime


Bombay Bicycle Club and Lucy Rose- Shuffle Live in Mexico (3m34) / uploaded by michlovepink

Documentary video by UMusicMexico of Bombay Bicycle Club in Mexico:

BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB en México (Parte 1) (3m44) / uploaded by UMusicMexico

Here’s an interview with Ed and Jamie (from BBC) for Warp whilst in Mexico. You can hear Lucy Rose soundchecking in the background ;)

Bombay Bicycle Club en México (4m24) / uploaded by warpmag