Video: Brighton Blind Tiger (12th May 2012)

Here’s some videos I shot last night of Lucy Rose performing at Brighton Blind Tiger (Saturday 12th May 2012) as part of the Brighton Great Escape festival.

Songs I recorded were:

– Middle Of The Bed (only the 2nd half of the song)
– Watch Over (new song)
– Night Bus (only 1st half of song)
– Lines (new song)
– Shiver
– Bikes
– Red Face

NB: volume warning!
I was trying out a new compact camera at this gig, and it didn’t cope very well with the loud bass guitar and drums. They sound pretty distorted I’m afraid, so be careful they don’t blow your speakers/headphones :)

Hit play and change the video quality to 720p for better sound/picture

Middle Of The Bed (live at Brighton Blind Tiger)

Watch Over (live at Brighton Blind Tiger)

not 100% sure of the title – recent setlists have it down as ‘Watch Over’

update 25th May: – here’s another video I found of ‘Watch Over’, this one was recorded by JoeBoyVids

Night Bus

Lines (live at Brighton Blind Tiger)



Red Face