Photos: Manchester Ritz (4th June 2012)

Here’s some great photos of Lucy Rose at the Manchester leg of Dot To Dot Festival from Bank Holiday Monday (4th June 2012). They were taken by Cait Maxwell who has kindly given me permission to use them on the fansite :)

Photos above: copyright Cait Maxwell ( / Flickr) – used with permission

Update – Wed 6th June at 16:53pm

Thanks to Emily Rose Coxhead for allowing me to use her photos from the Manchester gig:

Photos above: copyright Emily Rose Coxhead photography (Flickr) – used with permission

I also shot some photos myself at the concert which I’ll be adding at some point this week

please see after the jump for a full gallery of photos by Cait and Emily

More photos: 3 photos by Ian Taylor

Full gallery:

(first 3 by Cait, next 33 by Emily)