Tracklisting revealed for Lucy Rose’s debut album “Like I Used To” – available to pre-order today on iTunes!


iTunes have today added Lucy Rose’s new album Like I Used To to their store as a pre-order (release date 24th September 2012)

The pre-order page reveals for the first time the tracklisting to the eagerly anticipated debut album :)

The standard album (£7.99 on iTunes) features 11 tracks:

01. Red Face
02. Middle Of The Bed
03. Lines
04. Shiver
05. Night Bus
06. Watch Over
07. Bikes
08. Place
09. Don’t You Worry
10. First
11. Be Alright

Whereas the deluxe edition (£9.99 on iTunes) features an extra 4:

12. All I’ve Got
13. Scar
14. Little Brave
15. Gamble

Looking through our lyrics page the only tracks that haven’t made the album seem to be Bull To The Red and Everything You Needed (title?)


If you’d prefer to buy a hard-copy of the CD here’s a list of places that have a pre-order page up already (prices subject to change) – please note it’s unclear whether the 11-track or 15-track versions are being sold, so worth double checking with the merchant if you can:

£6.99 – Sainsburys
£8.99 –
£9.00 – HMV
£9.95 –
£9.95 –
£9.95 – BlahDVD
£9.95 –
£10.08 – (deluxe?)
£11.99 – Zavvi
£11.99 – The Hut
£11.99 –

Catalogue number: 88725446042
Label: Columbia / Sony


I’ve added the album cover artwork to this post


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