Video: Lucy Rose at Berlin Roter Salon (2nd Oct 2012)

I was lucky enough to see Lucy Rose live in Berlin on Tuesday night at the Roter Salon. Here are a few videos I shot at the concert.

Switch the quality to 720p or 1080p if you have a fast enough internet connection!:

Scar (1080p | 3m45) upload by hobbsy

Bikes (1080p | 2m50) upload by hobbsy

Red Face (1080p | 1m21) upload by hobbsy

I have very little idea how to shoot video properly so apologies in advance: I hand-held using a heavy lens lacking image stabilisation (IS) hence the wonkyness — I might see if I can run this through Adobe Premiere or Final Cut to correct this (?)

In the ‘Bikes’ & ‘Red Face’ videos I also choose an f/stop with such a narrow depth of field that any small focussing errors are cruelly exposed at 1080p :) I really need to invest in a LCD viewfinder extender – any suggestions please let me know in the comments.

I also took some photos which I’ll upload to the site next week :)