Videos: Lucy Rose at Manchester Deaf Institute (25th Oct 2012)

The Manchester setlist was:

01. First
02. Red Face
03. Lines
04. All I’ve Got
05. Shiver
06. Night Bus
07. Place
08. Scar
09. The Fire
10. new song
11. Middle Of The Bed
12. Watch Over
13. Bikes

14. Don’t You Worry

Here’s a YouTube video playlist

We got two new songs in Manchester – the first one, if you’ve heard the extended intro to Middle Of The Bed live before, well that instrumentation has been developed into a full song of it’s own.

The other new one was ‘The Fire’ which Lucy has been playing for the past two weeks (debuted in Belgium I think). ‘Watch Over’ still feels pretty new to me – even though it was included on the album.

please note at Lucy’s request I’ve not included the new song

videos after the jump:

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Red Face (1m11 | 1080p)

All I’ve Got (2m22 | 1080p)

Shiver (3m42 | 1080p)

Night Bus (3m20 | 1080p)


out of focus. doh. (3m35 | 1080p)

Scar (3m37 | 1080p)