Lucy Rose at Liverpool Eric’s (25th May 2012)

Liverpool Eric’s
Friday 25th May 2012


Lucy Rose
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by Scott Smith / (used with permission)

After a cancelled train and 3 painful bus rides I finally made it to Liverpool and it was so worth it

So eventually we found the venue and went down into the pretty cosy cellar only to find about 30 people there (I guessed this was because it was an 18+ gig and everyone was getting asked for ID) but it made the whole thing really intimate and like you were watching something really special all to yourself. Lucy was beyond perfect and I loved all of the new songs (in fact there wasn’t a single song she played that I didn’t like), it’s gonna be one hell of an album when it’s finally released. At first everyone was sat kinda near the back on stools but she said she felt a little intimated with everyone being so far away so the entire room in unison all stood up and shifted forward and I was all of 2 ft away from her whilst she was singing, it was pretty amazing.

Afterwards Lucy hung about inside and made sure to meet everybody that wanted to say hello. I had a lot of time to kill anyway so we stayed and had some drinks and waited until everyone had left so I’d get to chat to her a bit longer. She is so fucking adorable and I was slightly drunk at this point and was trying heavily not to embarrass myself. She pointed out my t-shirt and told me she was a huge Maccabees fan and that Given to the Wild was her favourite album of this year! She also said she’s gonna try to come to the Ally Pally show in a few weeks & that she will look out for me and come say hi if she spots me.

Before I left we made up an impromptu secret handshake, she signed my poster and said she really enjoyed meeting me and that she wouldn’t forget it. It was a really wonderful night and if you get the chance you have to go and see her, it was a special experience and definitely the best intimate gig that I’ve been to. Until next time Miss. Rose!


photo above copyright Thomas J Speight (used with permission)