Photos: Seattle Crocodile (18th Feb 2012)


Check out this review of BBC & Lucy Rose from Photos below by Bebe Besch on Flickr Lucy Rose solo set: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 Onstage with Bombay Bicycle Club: 01 - 02 - 03 More Photos: above photo copyright: The Polaroid Project by Showbox … [Read more...]

Photos: Seattle KEXP studios (19th Feb 2012)


Great Flickr gallery of photos from Bombay Bicycle Club's in-studio session for KEXP Seattle Photos copyright: Morgen Schuler (Flickr account) (used with permission) According to the KEXP website, the session will air on Thursday 23rd Feb at 9:30am … [Read more...]

Photos: San Francisco Rickshaw Stop (16th Feb 2012)

Lucy solo: Lucy Rose photo gallery on Flickr by calicanuck13 @beach_heart_666 - Instagram!/Tuhmaytow/status/170553054331011074!/MilesTheDJ/status/170384779932475392 BBC: BBC photo gallery on Flickr by calicanuck13 @beach_heart_666 - … [Read more...]

Photos: San Francisco 330 Ritch (16th Feb 2012)


Bombay Bicycle Club played a special acoustic show for SAY Media at the 330 Ritch venue in San Francisco before their sold-out show at the Ricksaw Stop Flyer by Lil Tuffy ( On Thursday, February 16, SAY will be hosting a special, invitation-only event for our San Francisco … [Read more...]