Photos: Caribana Festival (7th June 2012)


Lucy Rose played the Caribana Festival in Switzerland yesterday. On the official Flickr account for the Caribana festival we found these great shots by Davide Gostoli: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 Photo above: copyright Davide Gostoli (website | Flickr) - used with permission Also, … [Read more...]

Photos: Manchester Ritz (4th June 2012)


Here's some great photos of Lucy Rose at the Manchester leg of Dot To Dot Festival from Bank Holiday Monday (4th June 2012). They were taken by Cait Maxwell who has kindly given me permission to use them on the fansite :) Photos above: copyright Cait Maxwell ( / … [Read more...]

Photos: Liverpool Eric’s (25th May 2012)


Thanks ever so much to Olivia from Shatterjapan for allowing us to use their photos of Lucy in Liverpool! Photos above copyright Sarah Hobson / (used with permission) see all 19 photos of Sarah's photos in a gallery after the jump Here's a photo of … [Read more...]

Photos: Narberth Queens Hall (31st May 2012)


Thanks to Jade Hansen for letting me use her photo of the stage invasion (!) at Lucy's gig on Thursday night at Narberth Queens Hall (31st May): Photo above copyright Jade Hansen @jadedahling (used with permission) … [Read more...]

Photos: Wolverhampton Slade Rooms (24th May 2012)


We spotted some great photos on Facebook of Lucy Rose at Wolverhampton Slade Rooms from last Thursday (24th May 2012). These photos were taken by Jude Onions (RJ Photography) who has kindly let us use them on the fansite :) All photos copyright RJ Photography (Flickr | Facebook) - used … [Read more...]